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Signature Massage

30 minutes: $65
60 minutes: $130
90 minutes: $195
120 minutes: $260

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with a Signature Massage at Arctic Dawn Massage and Wellness. Our skilled therapists are dedicated to providing a blissful experience that nurtures both your body and mind. With their expert hands and soothing techniques, you'll be transported to a state of deep relaxation and emerge feeling renewed and invigorated.

During your Signature Massage, our therapists will employ a combination of flowing strokes, targeted kneading, and gentle stretching to release tension, melt away stress, and restore balance to your body. Each touch is designed to invigorate your senses, stimulate circulation, and unlock your body's natural healing abilities.

To enhance your experience, we will incorporate the use of luxurious hot stones, hot towels, and aromatic essential oils as requested. The comforting warmth of the hot stones will penetrate deeply into your muscles, easing any tightness or stiffness. The soothing heat from the towels will help to relax and soften your muscles, while the carefully selected essential oils will envelop you in a fragrant embrace, promoting relaxation, tranquility, and harmony. 

Beyond pure relaxation, our Signature Massage offers an array of benefits. It can help alleviate muscle soreness, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, boost immune function, and enhance overall well-being. Whether you seek relief from everyday pressures or crave a revitalizing escape, our Signature Massage is the perfect solution to unwind and restore your body's natural equilibrium. 

At Arctic Dawn Massage and Wellness, we believe in the transformative power of touch and the importance of personalized care. Our therapists will attentively listen to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that your Signature Massage is tailored to address your unique requirements. We strive to create a tranquil sanctuary where you can let go of the outside world and immerse yourself in a serene oasis of bliss.

Experience the ultimate indulgence with our Signature Massage and let us guide you on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. Schedule your appointment today and treat yourself to a revitalizing experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and revitalized. 

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Head, Neck and Upper Back Treatment

45 minutes: $105

Experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with our 30-minute Head, Neck, and Upper Back Treatment at Arctic Dawn Massage & Wellness. Our expert therapists use the power of hot stones, hot towels, and carefully selected essential oils to alleviate stress and tension in your upper body. Immerse yourself in the soothing warmth of smooth hot stones as they gently glide over your muscles, melting away the discomfort and promoting deep relaxation. Feel the comforting embrace of plush hot towels as they cocoon your neck and shoulders, releasing built-up stress and leaving you feeling renewed. Breathe in the delightful scents of lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint essential oils, enhancing the therapeutic effects and creating a serene atmosphere. Indulge in this sensory journey to restore harmony to your body and mind. Book your session today and embark on a blissful experience of pure tranquility.

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Leg/Foot Treatment

30 minutes: $75

Rejuvenate your tired feet and legs with our blissful Foot and Leg Treatment at Arctic Dawn Massage & Wellness. Sink into pure relaxation as our skilled therapists soothe your aching muscles and revitalize your entire lower body. Experience the comforting warmth of hot towels enveloping your feet and legs, melting away tension and promoting circulation. Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of a customized massage, targeting specific pressure points and releasing built-up stress. Let the invigorating sensation of a revitalizing exfoliation scrub rejuvenate your skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and refreshed. Complete your sensory journey with the gentle application of cooling mint-infused lotion, providing a refreshing tingle and an instant revitalizing effect. Treat your feet and legs to the care they deserve and rediscover a sense of lightness and vitality. Book your session today and step into a world of pure relaxation and pampering.

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Medical Massage

15 minutes: $60 per 15 minutes


Discover the benefits of Medical Massage at Arctic Dawn Massage and Wellness. Our skilled therapists provide targeted care to address your specific health concerns and improve your quality of life. From injury recovery to managing chronic pain, our advanced techniques cater to your unique needs. Experience enhanced circulation, improved mobility, and reduced pain through deep tissue massage, myofascial release techniques, and trigger point therapy. With personalized treatment plans and a commitment to excellence, we provide the highest quality care. Take control of your well-being and schedule your Medical Massage session today.

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